What to Ask When Buying an Older Home

Still Creek Insurance recently had a client buy a home that was 104 years old.  We were able to insure it, because our client knew the home’s history.

Here are 13 questions to ask, when buying an older home.

  1. How old is the furnace?
  2. When was the furnace last serviced?
  3. When was the electrical unit replaced?
  4. How many amps is the electric system?
  5. Is there a circuit breaker?
  6. What type of wiring does the house have?
  7. When was the electrical unit last serviced?
  8. How old is the roof?
  9. What kind of material is the roof made from (asphalt shingle is very common)?
  10. What condition is the roof currently in?
  11. When was the plumbing renovated?
  12. What material was used (copper is common), when the plumbing was renovated?
  13. When was the plumbing last serviced?

Insurers understandably get a bit nervous with older properties. Knowing the history cannot only help you get a policy, but can greatly lower your premium as well.

March 17th, 2015 by Still Creek Insurance